Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Geocaching--a new twist to Found Art!

My husband and I, both way too independent for our own good at times, have started geocaching as a shared activity. Today we hunted down a couple of close ones near the local airport, and I left a mushroom card at this cache, and a cheesy hula girl card at the Spillway Special just down the road from the first. They are a great item to place in even small containers, and I'm hoping that since geocachers are busy logging their finds, they might take the extra step to come here, too.

I hope. If you found either of them, I hope you enjoy them.


Anonymous Shari said...

What a great combination of hobbies! I discovered geocacheing and letter boxing a few years ago. The area where I lived didn't have many active people. I might have to look it up again. It would be funny to find Found Art along the way and leave my own.

6:54 PM  

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